Career Change

by Dixit Verma
(New Delhi,Delhi, India )


I would request you to guide me on deciding the content of my resume as i wanted to change the career

Please find below the brief career profile-:

i am working as a business analyst in research company where we do business research for consumer goods/durables clients.

The type of studies we do include competitive intelligence study, market assessment/sizing study, profitability analysis study, Market entry study etc.

I joined this research company after completing my M.B.A. in marketing and it's been 15 months that i am working with this company.

Before my M.B.A i worked for direct marketing company as a team leader for around a year where i had a team of 5-6 people.

I was also a intern with consumer goods industry for 3 months while doing my M.B.A.

As mentioned above that i wanted to change my career and switch to sales and marketing of consumer goods/durables industry from research/KPO industry.

Please help me to frame the content of my resume as your valuable guidance will help me to shape my career better.

Please Note : I have also attempted the career personality test and result is ENFP (Extraverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving)

Thanks and Regards
Dixit Verma

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Hello Dixit,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The first thing that occurs to me about your suitability to transition into a sales and marketing role is that you have some very useful experience behind you, which you need to promote in your resume.

First, your experience with direct selling, and second, the work you are doing on the marketing analysis side of sales and marketing (even though you do this while employed as a BA) which would probably be an integral part of the sales and marketing role you are seeking.

The key to reframing your resume is as follows:

  • Use the functional resume style

  • Use some local job board sites, the bigger ones, and do some searching for this type of job, and also using attributes like "sales and marketing" and "kpo sales and marketing" to see what job listings exist for these attributes

  • Here's the important thing about this type of searching - what you need to be doing is looking for 50 or so job ads at your level, and for the job type you are seeking - look at the selection criteria employers are looking for. Develop a condensed list of what employers are looking for in these ads - and try to list 5-10 attributes that employers want, and you have

  • These 5-10 key skills or attributes need to feature strongly in your resume - in your profile and key skills summary. Refer to the functional resume page, and career profile pages to learn how to promote these aspects of your career experience

In terms of your personality profile, please look closely at some of your key personality traits, and then make some notes about how these traits benefit you, and would benefit your employer in a sales and marketing role, and point these out in either your resume or cover letter.

As always, the key in preparing your resume is promoting aspects of your skills and experience that strongly profile what you have to offer, and which directly relate to what employers are looking for in this type of position.

Hope this helps

Best wishes


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