Comment: Graduates Struggle in Economy

by Anthony from Job Search Mentoring

The recent article which appeared in "The Collegian" Graduates Struggle in Economy suggested, not unexpectedly that about one third of graduates in the USA struggled to find good job after they graduated.

I work as a careers adviser in University, and the employment of graduates has always been problematic. And....part of the problem is the graduates themselves. A considerable proportion of graduates begin to think about professional level employment as graduation approaches, or in worst case, after they have graduated. This is way too late.

The article in The Collegian also stresses the importance of job search networking. Again, this is a no brainer - given that 60% or more of the available work out there is filled through word of mouth. Also consider - by far the biggest employing group are small to medium enterprises. These organisations often don't advertise, for a variety of reasons. But.....they do hire on the basis of word of mouth recommendation.

The problem is, few people actually don't know how to conduct an effective networking strategy. The networking tips section of the website outlines how to do this in a non pushy way.

A final point. Prior to the financial crisis there was an emerging world wide skills shortage. Guess what, this shortage hasn't gone away, in a reasonably time frame I think it will be job seekers who have all the power in the jobs market.

My advice for graduates who haven't yet found their perfect role. Get busy networking, and find any job that involves the use of generic employment skills. Employers want to see an employment history.

Best wishes


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