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If, for some reason, you wanted to, or had to start looking for a job, or initiate a career change - how would you rate your level of confidence in having to do this?.

Confidence is a very big issue for most people beginning a new job search or making an attempt at career change.

It is very common for people to feel unsure about whether they are doing the right things to attract the right sort of attention.

Well.....if you're lacking confidence, or are unsure about how to get started in your job search, you've come to exactly the right place.....One of two places actually.

My website Job Search has all you need to help you to get your ideal job.

My aim is to help you to be completely self sufficient, and confident in implementing all aspects of your job search.

My website covers things like:

  • How to put together a career plan so that you have a managed approach to your career progression
  • Job search strategies, especially some tips about job search networking
  • Things to consider before making a career change
  • How to create a resume
  • The latest in job interview tips
  • Techniques for writing a great cover letter

And much, much more......including a weekly blog containing articles that will assist you in your job search and to keep you up to date with important employment and job market trends.

But....please keep an eye on the wall of this Facebook page too - because you'll find regular postings of job search related information here as well.

Job Search Mentoring - Committed to Your Success in 2012!!