How to write a good profile

by Rey Webster

How can I write a good profile when I haven't got many good achievements, I work as a sales manager and my sales record hasn't been very good due to the field I was in and the economic crisis.

I am desperate, because you get a lot of advice about how to write a resume and I'm confused which approach is best.

Some say not to use the usual boring, hard worker, work under pressure and etc..What shall I write?
Hello Rey, and thank you for your question.

What you say is true - there is a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there about the best way to prepare a resume.

The truth is, there is no single correct way to do it. My suggestion is to choose a resume style that suits your career history, and that will best help you get to your next job.

As far as what to write - again you are correct. Don't write the usual boring stuff that everyone writes. Try to highlight what makes you unique.

This is why I strongly recommend a profile statement as the very first piece of information in your resume.

Your profile should contain an overview of your career and related experience, and ideally mention a couple of key strengths which relate to the job you are applying for.

Working in sales, it's also true that employers will pay attention to your actual sales results. a difficult economic environment many sales people are finding it difficult to make sales. Customers don't have the money to spend!!

So......what can you write about in your profile, or as achievements? Here's a few questions/suggestions about what to include:

  • Have you been able to expand the number of clients that you deal with?

  • If you haven't met your overall sales targets, have you, for some clients, been able to expand the size of the average sale?

  • Have you been able to meet or exceed sales targets for special promotional events rather than for say annual targets?

  • It's not clear if you are working in retail, or as an account manager, but what about activity levels such as maintaining or increasing the number of visits to clients?

  • What strategies have you developed to try to generate sales activities? How well have they succeeded?

These are only a few ideas. Don't focus on just the one aspect of your job. Broaden your thinking about what you do. Think about and promote to future employers what you've done to try to try to turn the situation around.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes, Anthony

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