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What's different about these job interview tips you might ask?

If you've done tons of interviews you're probably thinking..... I already know all this stuff!

Perhaps you do........but, if you're looking here for more ideas it suggests you're not entirely confident about your interviewing skills!

These job interview tips will be especially helpful to you if:

job interview panel
  • You haven't had a job interview in a long time, and you need to brush up on what's required.
  • You've been having job interviews, but you haven't been successful so far in landing a job.
  • Or, your first ever important job interview is coming up, you don't how to prepare, what job interview skills you might need, or even how to answer questions.

What job interview tips will you get here?

You'll find an extensive array of tips to assist you with your job interview preparation. We also want to help you to develop your job interview skills, so that you can perform professionally and confidently in the interview. For example, our tips cover things like:

Preparing for the interview

Is your interviewing problem that you don't know what to say when certain questions are asked? If so, this might just be the solution you're looking for.

During the interview

Preparing for other types of interview

  • Phone interview tips - how perform successfully in a phone interview
  • Panel interview tips - what special things do you need to do during this type of interview?

After the interview - following up

Job interview tips
Where to begin your preparation

In many recruitment situations the employment or job interview is a highly structured process.

This means that the employer, or recruiter doing the interview also spends time preparing for an interview.

In a well planned interview nothing happens by accident!

For example, employers and recruiters preparing for a job interview will consider questions like:

  • Who will do the interviewing
  • How many people will be interviewed
  • How many rounds of interview will be conducted - an initial interview, a second interview for short listed candidates and so on
  • What questions will be asked
  • What system will be used to rank, or score, each person who is interviewed so candidates can be compared
  • What criteria will be used to develop a candidates short list
  • Etc

Now the good news is - you don't really need to know about this sort of stuff.

But what you DO need to know about how a well structured and planned interview is....... what lines of questioning can you expect to occur during the interview.

If you know this, it can at least guide the way you carry out your job interview preparation.

Do you need special help with your interview skills?

Let's face it......not everyone is comfortable at the thought of having to do a job interview. But being able to interview well is the deal breaker, or deal maker.

Do a poor job in the interview and you're not going to get the job offer.

If you think that you need extra help to push you to the next level in job interviews please check out this Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers.

Don't take my word for it - find out why this get a four and a half star rating for people who use this guide.

Interview structure

A well constructed interview will typically explore 3 areas:

  1. Your skills, knowledge, and qualifications - it helps answer the question "Does this person have the right skills and knowledge for the job?"
  2. Your overall motivation and attitude - this line of enquiry explores things like.....why has this person applied for the job, why are they working in this profession or occupation, what are they looking for in a job?
  3. Are you a good "fit" with us - basically it's about - are you a likely to fit in with the way we work, and can we work with you?

Why is it helpful to know this?

If you know how the employer or recruiter is likely to approach the interview you can prepare accordingly.

Most people will expect to be asked about the skills and knowledge they'll bring to the job, and their education qualifications. They are usually well prepared to answer these questions.

In my experience however, people are much less prepared to answer questions about their motivation, attitude, and future goals.

One of the most important job interview tips I can give you is this.....An employer can teach you the skills and anything else you need to know to perform the job.

If it becomes necessary to decide between two candidates who pretty much have the right skills and knowledge to do the job, the decision about who gets the job will come down which candidate has the best motivation, attitude and fit!

Be very prepared to answer questions about your motivation and attitude to your work and life!

Job interview tips
Developing your job interview skills

If you aren't particularly confident about your ability to perform well in a job interview, take heart.

Yes, there are definite skills associated with being a successful interview candidate. But the good news for you is that skills can be learned, practiced and honed.

Don't believe me? Well think back to when you first started working. Can you recall all the things that you didn't know, or couldn't do because you hadn't been shown how?

Jump forward to today. How many things are you able to do extremely well today, that you couldn't do back then?

How do you improve your job interview skills? Easy:

  • Take the time to discover what skills you need to learn - for example.....what to do when answering interview questions.
  • Do some assessment about how well, and confidently you are able to perform these skills - which ones are you already good at doing? Which ones need some work?
  • Practice what you do well, and practice to improve the skills where improvement is needed.

Go to this page which covers job interview skills in detail

Job interview tips - Summary

There are many, many things you can do to improve your performance in a job interview.

The job interview tips on this page have been included to get you thinking about what you might need to do to enhance your skill in being interviewed so that you actually get the job!

Preparing for a job interview is obviously the key to your success.

As a first step in helping you to prepare, we've given you an overview of how employers typically will structure a job interview

Know this already, and confident in how to prepare? Well.....maybe you can spend your time developing your skills in other areas that relate to being successful in job interviews.

Follow the various links on this page to go to in-depth job interview tips in those areas where you think you most need to develop.

Here's something else I highly recommend.....the Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers which gets an impressive four and a half stars from Amazon readers. It has obviously helped a lot of people to win that job!

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