Making a Career Change

I am changing career fields. How do I show skills that will be useful in my new career field. I am going from Accounting to Medical Administrative Assistant with a certification in billing and coding.

Hi, and thank you for your enquiry. I'd suggest as a first step that you do a fair bit of research into the job requirements as a Medical Admin Assistant.

Look at lots of job advertisements for this type of role. Cut and paste into a word document the selection criteria you see in these ads - that is the skills and knowledge that employers want for this type of job.

When you have a page or more of these attributes use them as self-assess kind of checklist to identify the strongest areas of skill and knowledge that you possess.

These attributes you identify in yourself will of course be relevant to what employes want; after all you've copied them from job ads for Medical Admin Assistants.

To actually get one of these jobs you'll have to put a resume together - I'd suggest a functional resume.

Create a profile in your resume which outlines the skills and knowledge that are relevant to the Medical Admin Assistant role.

In addition, consider having a "Related Career Achievements" heading on the first page. Under this heading include a series of dot points which outline activities you've completed in your prior career which are related to the new position you are seeking. For example, explain about the type of accounts experience you've had, spreadsheets and databases that you've used, your client contact experience, working in team situations and so on.

Ensure that the past skills and experiences you're including in your resume are relevant to what is involved in your desired new role. It's about promoting and explaining the relevance of your transferable skills.

Best wishes


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