Recent graduate - do I show my part time employment in my resume

by Ashok


I've recently graduated from university and want to know how to create a resume that will help me get a job that is related to my field of study, which is human resource management.

While I've been studying I've had several casual jobs, including some time working for McDonalds restaurants. I also did a study related placement where I worked in a large banking head office in their HR department, so I'm going to put that information in my resume.

My question is, do I show the casual jobs I have had while studying, because these don't really have anything to do with the field of HR.

Hope you can help


Hi Ashok,

Thank you for your question, it's something I'm sure other recent college and university graduates would also like to know.

First of all, any employment experience you have had while studying will be seen by most employers as being very valuable experience. This is regardless of what the work is.

The reason employers see it this way is because they consider casual employment, or even voluntary work provides you with the opportunity to develop transferable skills.

What are these you ask? These are skills which are used in virtually all occupations - hence they are 'transferable' or applicable to a wide range of tasks. These skills include - written and interpersonal communication skills, planning and organising, team working, problem solving, the ability to use various forms of technology, delivering service and so on.

This page on my website career change test explains in more detail how invaluable these skills can be in enhancing your career mobility.

Coming back to your question about showing part time employment in your resume, perhaps you can see why it is important that you include this information.

Here is an important tip in how to write about these skills. In your employment with McDonalds, rather than writing about your ability to make hamburgers write instead about things like providing customer service, resolving customer complaints, your ability to work with a diverse customer base etc.

In summary, promote your part time and casual work in your resume, but also draw attention to the transferable skills you used in doing this work.

Best wishes


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