Resume layouts
Which resume style should you use?

There are 3 basic resume layouts that you can use. So which is going to be the best, most effective one for you?

In deciding which is best it is important to know that different resume styles, or layouts will help you to achieve slightly different outcomes.

When choosing the best resume style or layout, you will need to consider:

  • the headings you will use when creating a resume
  • the order in which the headings will appear in your resume
  • and......even the information you will put under the various headings that you have chosen.

Is there a single, correct resume format to use?

The short answer to this is....... no, there isn't one special, 'one size fits all' resume style or format.

So.....which one should you use?

Choose a format or layout that is most likely to get you an interview invitation.

Another factor in making your choice to make it easy for your reader to learn about you. Which layout is going to best highlight the elements of your brand or profile that you most want them to notice?

Resume Writing Tips

Never be trapped into using one of the resume layouts or style if this doesn't enable you to adequately sell yourself.

Your resume must be a carefully, craftily tailored document that differentiates you from other candidates, and strongly sells your message.

Hopefully you are beginning to realise that choosing the best layout for your purpose requires some careful thinking.

If you are time poor, and you have a good idea of the content you want to put into your resume, one option is to use a free resume template.

But.....choose wisely. Make sure the resume style you choose is the best for the type of career move you are making.

What are the 3 most common resume formats?

To learn more about each style, and when they should be used, click on the links below.

  • Continuing your existing career path - chronological resume.
  • Changing career entirely, or slight change in direction - functional style resume
  • Extensive career history, extensive achievements - combined format resume. Senior managers and executives often use this format. Can be used for career changers, and also traditional career advancement.

Resume layouts - Summary

The bottom line here is to understand that there are differences between each resume format. Each of the layouts or styles is used for a different job search purpose.

It will be in your interest to carefully choose one of the resume layouts that best supports your move to the career options you have identified.

Be sure also to follow the basic guidelines for preparing any resume.

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