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Local job search news

Local job search news - gives you access to the very latest world wide news about jobs and employment. Your stories and comments are also very welcome.

Job search mentoring blog

Job search mentoring blog keeps you current with site updates, and items of interest related to all aspects of job search and career management. Make sure you don't miss out by subscribing - it's easy - click on any page on the "subscribe to this site" box.

Career development planning

career development planning - the benefits of this process and how it can help you to choose a career direction
Career development plan provides a process and all the important questions for you to answer in developing your career plan.
Making a career change - suggestions to help you identify and clarify your reasons for making a career change.
Setting career goals - the benefits of career goal setting and key questions to assist you to do this

Choose your career direction

How to choose a career direction outlines a process which will assist you to clarify what you want in life and career.
Career aptitude test - tests available for you, to assist in your career decision making.
Career interest test - tests to help you uncover careers associated with your passion in life.
Career motivation - tools to help clarify your career values and what is really important to you in career and life.
Career personality test - how well suited are you to your job or career in terms of your personality?
Career change test - how to identify if you have the skills to successfully make a career or job change.
Choosing a career - suggestions about the options you have for your future career direction.

Cover letters

Writing a cover letter - what they are, how they are used, by job applicants, and from the employer's perspective
Cover letter tips - essential hints and tips so that your cover letter creates the right impression, and right result for you.
Email cover letter - special techniques that will get your email cover letter opened, not deleted.
Cold call cover letter - how to make a direct, unsolicited approach to your employers of choice.
Cover letter advice - how to make a highly targeted sales pitch to the employer by responding to the selection criteria.

Jobsearch strategies

Job search advice - knowing where to look for work, how to look for work in both the visible and hidden job markets.
Career builder job search strategies - three essential ingredients that will dramatically increase your job search success.
Job search websites - surprisingly, many people don't fully explore all the places where work might be advertised - find out where your blind spots are.
Informational interviews - what these are, and how they help to get you a job offer.

Job search networking

Job search networking - the first step in your networking strategy is developing your contacts list - who will be on yours?
Job networking - the success key is setting up face to face information interviews, how to do this.
How to network - the harder part of networking, how to set up meetings with people you don't know.
Networking tips - explains what networking actually is in relation to job search.

Your career education

Adult career education Is it needed for your career progression? If so, what education or training will you need?

How to create a resume

How to create a resume - develop an understanding of what your resume is, and what it is supposed to do - it's more than a collection of facts.
Creating a resume - the basics, deciding which headings to include in your resume.
Resume writing - how to get started - guidelines for essential planning and preparation that will make the task of writing your resume a whole lot easier.
Resume guidelines - knowing what information to include about yourself, and what you can leave out.
Resume layouts - learn about three main layouts or styles and when to use each of them.
Resume objectives - decide if you want to include a "Career Objective" statement, or not in your resume, and how to write one.
Career profile - perhaps the most crucial part of your resume, how to get this part right.
Career highlights - you must be able to explain your career achievements,how, and which ones.
Personal employment history - you really don't have to tell all about your employment history, learn about where to draw the line about what you'll share.
Chronological resume - one of the three resume styles, learn when you should use this style, and how.
Functional resume - if you're changing career, this is probably the resume style for you.
Resume styles - this page deals with the combined, or combination style resume - particularly good to use if you've achieved some impressive results in your career.
Career change resume - build a resume using a style which supports your change of career direction

Job interview tips

Job interview tips - this page provides an overview of interview preparation tips so you understand what needed to be successful in an interview.
Job interview preparation - thorough job interview preparation is the key to successful interviewing. Here's what you need to do.
Job interview skills - which job interview skill you'll need to develop, and how to use them in the interview.
Job interview process - an overview of the interview process, and what happens in different types of interviews, choosing your referees.
Common job interview questions - covers the first 5 of the 10 common job interview questions with suggested answers.
Top 10 interview questions - questions 6-10, and suggested answers are outlined here.
Answering interview questions - focuses on developing your communication skills in the interview, it's not what you say, but how you say it.
Behavioral interview tips - explains what a behavioral interview is, what behavioral questions are, and how to prepare for this type of interview.
Behavioral interview questions - examples of behavioral interview questions for the key transferable skills needed in most jobs.
Interview questions to ask - suggestions about what questions to ask the interviewer, when to ask them, and also questions to avoid.
Management interview questions - examples of the types of questions you can expect if you are applying for a management position.
Panel interview tips - how to prepare for a job interview when you are facing a panel of interviewers.
Interview thank you letter - how to prepare a thank you letter that will enhance your chances of getting the job

Resume helper

Resume helper - ask questions, make suggestions, contribute your ideas

Job search links & resources

Job search links and resources - useful links and resources that will further assist you in your job search.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy - outlined in detail so that you know we do truly protect and respect your privacy.

Our goal is to assist you at every stage of your job search so that you are successful in changing your job or career. We trust that you have found useful information and guidance here.

We also hope you'll tell your friends and associates about the quality of information and advice you've received from us.

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